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  1. Common Electrical Problems

    When your home is experiencing electrical problems, you do not want to ignore them. Even if it seems to be a minor issue, it could be something that puts you and your loved ones in danger. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few of the most common electrical problems that people face. If you are currently experiencing electrical problems, do not try and fix it yourself. Contact Mr. Sunshine’s H…Read More

  2. Ways To Go Green During The Winter Time

    WINTER SPENDING With the cold temperatures and dark days come the holidays. With the necessary present shopping and the extra money spent on energy bills, it can be difficult to find a bit of extra money for your emergency fund. More importantly, it's easy to roll back on your desire to keep green in order to help the planet. In fact, you may not believe that it's actually possible. Such is not th…Read More

  3. Energy Efficient Services and Tips

    We are all in search of ways to save energy costs in our home. Whether it's due to wanting to lower your bill or wanting to reduce your footprint on the environment, we can all agree that saving energy is a great idea. At Mr. Sunshine's Home Services, our electricians know a thing or two about conserving energy so here are a few tips on ways you can reduce your energy consumption (and your energy …Read More

  4. Landscape Lighting Ideas

    Your home is your castle. It is important to create a look and feel for your home that matches your own unique personal style. Landscape lighting can be a great way to bring an elegant and fresh look to your home. This curb appeal can also add to the value of your property. At Mr. Sunshine's Home Services, we will be able to help you create an amazing look with some of these landscape lighting ide…Read More

  5. The Life of Lights: LED Versus Fluorescent

    ARE YOU CURRENTLY THINKING ABOUT MAKING THE SWITCH FROM STANDARD FLUORESCENT LIGHTS TO LED? OR, MAYBE, YOU WANT TO, BUT YOU'RE NOT QUITE SURE WHY YOU SHOULD? There are a lot of differences between standard light bulbs and LEDs, and there is a lot to consider in choosing one to use for your home or business. Here at Mr. Sunshine's Home Services, we know that. However, there are a lot of recent adva…Read More

  6. Do I Need Special Equipment to Charge My Electric Car?

    So you're thinking about purchasing an electric car — good choice! Electric cars are not only great for the environment, but they're also great for your budget since you'll be purchasing little to no fuel at the gas pumps over the life of your car. But if you've never owned an electric car, you may be wondering how exactly you're supposed to charge it. Do electric cars simply plug into household…Read More

  7. Are Ceiling Fans Good Year-Round?

    For many homeowners, there’s a common belief that using the ceiling fans should only be done during the summer months when it’s hot outside and they want to cool their indoors. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. There are a number of benefits to using the ceiling fans throughout the entire year to ensure you have the most comfort possible in your home. Here are some things you may not…Read More

  8. Homeowner Safety Awareness

    WHEN YOU CHOOSE MR. SUNSHINE’S HOME SERVICES FOR ELECTRICAL SERVICES IN YOUR HOME, YOU CHOOSE A TEAM OF GOODYEAR ELECTRICIANS WHO ARE FULLY-LICENSED, EXPERIENCED, AND PROVEN TO PROVIDE TOP-QUALITY SERVICES. With customer safety and satisfaction being our top priority, we use our extensive training to ensure that every project completed meets and exceeds industry standards. If you are a new homeo…Read More