In today’s age, we should all be worried about energy consumption. It is in all our best interests to be concerned with how we are impacting the planet. Electrical equipment such as timers and motion sensors can greatly reduce the amount of energy that is spent on illumination. If everyone were to outfit their homes with these, think of how much energy could be saved. There are other innovations that also conserve energy and should be considered by every homeowner. Our knowledgeable Goodyear electricians can advise you on which eco-friendly practice will best suit your needs and budget.

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Ways you can save on your utility costs and conserve energy include:

  • Daylight harvesting
  • Relamping
  • Solar panels
  • HVAC retrofits

Daylight harvesting is when you install a light detection sensor in a room that has natural daylight available. If the sun is out, the artificial light in the room will remain dim. When the clouds roll in, the sensor does not detect the natural light so therefore turns up the artificial light.

Relamping involves replacing old, outdated fixtures with newer, more energy-efficient pieces. It can also be as simple as switching out a conventional incandescent 60-watt bulb for an energy conserving LED bulb, which only uses between two and ten watts.

Solar panels can be installed in almost any home and are usually part of a grid-tie system, which allows the home to remain connected to conventional power. Once the solar panels have harvested enough energy, the power automatically switches to the power generated by the sun. This system will also generate energy, which allows for energy credit or payment from your power company.

By having our professional electrical technicians retrofit your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, you can also save money and energy. Our skilled electricians can help you with this by putting in a programmable thermostat or a device that controls the energy consumption of your air conditioning unit.

It’s easy to go green in Goodyear, just contact My Sunny Pros Home Services and our expert electricians will set you up with new, energy efficient equipment that will save you money.